Friday, March 16, 2007

TGIF - It's Friday

I noticed I haven't talked much about work. There has been so much to learn and absorb that I still cannot make heads or tails (or basically form some kind of pattern in my head) of the work plan that lies ahead of me.

It's still introductory mode, I guess. But I know my boss will be keen on hearing my ideas very soon.

In the past two weeks, I was introduced to the various systems and databases in place and the people who work with them on a daily basis.

One of my objectives here is to find a unified system (software) that will cover the range of archival activity in one box, mainly archives management, appraisal, declassification, and reference and research services. Whoa!! Trust me when I tell you: Every system requires a great degree of skill and intellectual prowess.

The weather in DC was once again wet. This afternoon there was rain mixed with ice pellets. I felt like home sweet home, though I think the Northwest of the U.S. and Southwestern Quebec and the Ottawa Valley will experience a massive snowstorm tonight.

The apartment hunt continues. I don't why this is taking me so long. The requirements are obscene, the fees even more so. Tomorrow, rain or shine, I'll hit the pavement again and this time find something that does not require blood type and fingerprints (okay, none require that much, but you kind of get the picture).

The weekend is upon us. Time for the trivial house chores. Maybe I'll take another walk on the Mall or visit a museum. The Smithsonian Museums are free, I hear.

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