Monday, March 26, 2007

The Big Move and other thoughts on life in DC

It reached a high of 17 Celsius today (I still haven't converted to Fahrenheit, I apologize, but it would be somewhere in the low 60s). A perfect day to move into my new apartment. Yes, you heard correctly: I finally moved. Well, technically, yes. Physically, I am still in the hotel (I have tonight and that's all). So I check out tomorrow before noon. Hopefully I can run a few last minutes errands before check-out time.

As I was walking around the streets of DC, I could not help but notice a large amount of cars with diplomatic license plates. Perhaps there is some big event in town. I'm not sure.

As I said before, today we reached 17 Celsius. Perfect weather in so many ways.

I notice I have not been blogging much about work. I know I mentioned from the onset that I would use a good dose of common sense before blogging about work, and I am pleased that I have stuck to that formula. It's not like I am working with super-secret information; however, the planning and implementation of new systems has several confidentiality issues. So it is best that I discuss matters in general terms.

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